Med-Law Connection is a national provider of medical-legal support services bringing decades of medical experience to serve every client.

Services and Benefits Offered

We save you money by saving you time and conserving your resources
Go to Legal Nurse Consultation

Legal Nurse Consultation

Our Certified Legal Nurse Consultants combine their expertise with specialized legal training to consult on medically related legal cases.
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Go to Expert Witness Location

Expert Witness Location

We review the records that form the basis of the lititgation and then locate the expert witness that is most appropriate for you case.
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Go to Medicare Set-Asides

Medicare Set-Asides

We complete all Medicare Set-Aside Allocation (MSA) so your client can get a fast and fair settlement.
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Go to Medical Cost Projections

Medical Cost Projections

We analyze medical bills for accuracy, and create cost projections as a useful instrument for setting accurate reserves.
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Why Med Law Connection?

Med Law Connection provides the highest quality medical experts to assist a legal team, insurance professionals, government agencies, corporations or the courts in Medical-Legal cases.

  • Experience

    We are a national provider of medical-legal support services bringing decades of medical experience. This experience helps us navigate the medical aspects of the case that sometimes an untrained eye can overlook.

  • Passion

    We're a one-stop shop for medical-legal services, and by assisting the attorney instead of being at the bedside we can still make a difference for people in need.

  • Resources

    Most medical-legal consultants work solo or for a law firm, Med-Law Connection is a team whose members have different experiences, different expertise, different personalities; who look at cases from different angles and bounce ideas off each other.


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