“Anne is a tremendous asset. I have utilized her services as an expert consultant, a testifying expert, and as someone to help me locate other expert witnesses. She is experienced, insightful, thoughtful, and a delight to work with. She is also honest and straightforward. She is a powerful advocate. She’s thorough, her demeanor is excellent, and she is respected by both sides. She’s also not afraid to discuss the “warts” of a case – I have declined to represent plaintiffs in cases based on her observations and comments. I would not hesitate to rely on Anne and look forward to doing so in the future.”

David H. Brinton
Chicago, IL

“Our law firm has been utilizing the consulting and expert services of Anne Meyer for well over a year. Our practice consists primarily of litigation against nursing homes for the neglect of their residents. Anne has consistently shown herself to be not only timely in the preparation of her reports but also exceedingly thorough and insightful in her analysis of our cases. Anne is fair to the facts and the truth. If there were violations in the standard of care, Anne will find them. If there were not, Anne will tell you. Anne is always on your side but she is not one to tell you just what you want to hear to make a case. In that way, she has gained our trust because her approach is consistent with the way we practice law. What is more, Anne is available, responsive and always willing to get the job done when you find yourself up against a tight motion schedule or other inevitable emergency. If you want quality, I cannot recommend Anne enough.”

William G. Murphy IV, Esq.
Kingston, N.Y.

“In over forty years of a personal injury practice retaining and crossing examining expert witnesses Anne Meyer stands out as one of the most knowledgeable and ethical experts that I have ever consulted. She is not like so many who frame their opinions by the side who retained them. If she does not believe the position is meritorious she will not permit herself to be involved in the litigation. If on the other hand she believes the case is meritorious she will not waiver under intense cross examination. She is prepared. She knows the literature, rules and regulations like I only wish the judiciary knew. She has helped prepare my cross examination, has framed cases for me and also told me to take a hike if the case was marginal. She is top notch.”

Bob Montgomery
Law Offices of Robert A. Montgomery
Chicago, IL

“I have been fortunate in my practice to utilize the services of Med-Law Connection in their capacity as a resource for medical review of records, research of medical questions arising from injuries and treatment of clients, and as an expert witness in regard to interpreting medical records documenting pain and suffering.  I have incorporated several of their suggestions in preparation of my cases. They communicate both timely and efficiently and I consider them an essential asset in preparation of sophisticated medical testimony to support a client’s claim.”

Ronald A. May
Gomez May Law Offices
Davenport, IA

“Anne Meyer with Med-Law Connection provides exceptional service to our firm by providing unbiased and factually sound feedback with respect to a variety of medical cases. Her experience and expertise are extremely useful when we need a nurse consultant and/or an expert locator.

Anne has countless connections with well respected professionals in a variety of fields which further distinguishes her from other nurse consultants we have worked with in the past. Through her connections, Anne’s services are essentially a one-stop-shop for our firm as far as initial reviews, expert reports and recommending experts in other areas if needed (i.e. pharmacology, orthopedic surgeons, pediatrics, etc.)

Anne’s work is remarkably thorough and highly organized. Most importantly, she provides feedback promptly with little to no delay. Anne with Med-Law Connection comes highly recommended and always offers a comprehensive and trustworthy response.”

Konicek & Dillon, P.C.
Geneva, IL

“I appreciate the opportunity to work with Med Law Connection. I’ve always found you to be quite knowledgeable about the various medical issues we’ve encountered over the years in our cases. Your medical summaries are excellent and well organized. As you know, on occasion I’ve needed specialized summaries regarding a particular issue on very short notice to you. You’ve always responded professionally and promptly to whatever we needed. You’ve also been a great resource in helping me locate experienced and qualified expert witnesses. Finally, you’ve been very helpful in helping me understand relatively complex medical concepts during my deposition and trial preparations.

I look forward to continuing our working relationship in the years to come.”

William J. Bush
Bush , Motto, Creen, Koury & Halligan, PLC
Davenport, IA

“Take it from a lawyer with over 30 years of experience representing clients in personal injury and medical malpractice cases – Med-Law’s work is outstanding!  With very little direction, they are able to consistently hit the mark in their organization and analysis of my clients’ medical records; they don’t miss a thing.  Med-Law Connection is also right on point in the medical research they assemble for my use in preparing a case for expert depositions or trial.  They work as part of a team with the rest of my staff and are very responsive to my often short deadlines.  I consider Med-Law connection’s contributions to my litigation practice an essential factor in my successful resolution of cases for my injured clients.”

Michael J. Warner, Attorney
Michael J. Warner & Associates
Rock Island, IL

“I have worked with Med-Law Connection on numerous occasions over the past several years and have found their organization of medical records, insights and analysis to be most helpful in preparing my cases.”

Ralph W. Heninger, Attorney
Heninger and Heninger, P.C.
Davenport, IA

“I had never worked with an outside group when it came to finding experts, but have been thrilled with the quick list of qualified experts I received from Med-Law Connection.”

Derek Potts, Attorney at Law
Kansas City, Mo

“Timely, thorough, creative and responsive.”

Tom Paris, Attorney at Law
Chicago, IL

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