Why Med Law Connection?

Med Law Connection provides the highest quality medical experts to assist a legal team, insurance professionals, government agencies, corporations or the courts in Medical-Legal cases. As experienced registered nurses – and certified specialists in skills that are of vital assistance to the legal profession – we help bring together the legal and medical aspects of a case in clear terms that all can understand.

“We’re a one-stop shop for medical-legal services.”

An attorney hires one member of the Med-Law Connection team as a consultant to review a case. If the client requires a life care plan, a Med-Law colleague develops it. If the client incorporates case management into the plan, an active team member does that.

“We’re experienced professionals who know our stuff.”

Med-Law Connection is a national provider of medical-legal support services bringing decades of medical experience to serve every client. Our team is accomplished in both nursing and business aspects of healthcare, and we draw from all of our experience in working on a legal case.

We know what should happen, not just in terms of patient care, but the bigger picture, standards of care… staffing ratios…charting systems…Our experience helps us navigate the medical aspects of the case that sometimes an untrained eye can overlook.

“We’re Passionate About What We Do”

Anne Meyer: “We love being nurses, but there are parts of our personalities that push us to go further… “By assisting the attorney instead of being at the bedside we can still make a difference for people in need. ”

Most medical-legal consultants work solo or for a law firm, Med-Law Connection is a team whose members have different experiences, different expertise, different personalities; who look at cases from different angles and bounce ideas off each other.


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