Questions to Consider

Think of all the medical-legal case files that are on your desk right now. There is much to consider… Some areas to think about…

  • Are you certain the case has merit? Would you like to have a clinician review it to determine this?
  • Are you aware of all the health care providers who have been treating your client?
  • Does the client’s medical history have bearing on this case?
  • Do you have all the relevant medical records needed for this case?
  • What is the actual time frame you have to work within?
  • How will you organize the medical records? Should bate stamping be done? If so, now or later?
  • Who will organize the records? Do they have a medical background?
  • Do you fully understand the medical terminology, abbreviations, and the medical issues behind this terminology?
  • Are you and/or your staff familiar with the policies and procedures that are present within a medical office, hospital, home health care, and/or nursing home?
  • Who are all the parties to be named in this case? Have all the bases been covered (Physicians, Nurses, other clinicians, facilities, entities, prior history, etc) ?
  • Do you have the time to search for the most appropriate experts?
  • Do you have the most appropriate experts for this case?
  • Would you like a medically knowledgeable expert available throughout the case, from beginning to end?



Professional sports teams do this all the time: The team faces a special situation. The coach sends in a specialist. That specialist’s skills often tip the balance in the game. Similarly, Med-Law Connection provides the highest quality medical experts to assist a legal team, insurance professionals or the courts in medical-legal cases.

As experienced registered nurses – and certified specialists in skills that are of vital assistance to the legal profession – we help bring together the legal and medical aspects of a case in clear terms that all can understand.


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